Still Lifes

I love physical objects.  The first
things I began to draw and paint
were the sensual and decorative
objects around me.  I select my
subjects for their forms, textures,
and sensuality, and try to capture
the personality of each object in
my painting.  Sometimes I aim for
realism; other times I mix two-
and three-dimensional elements to
create an ambiguous space.  The
patterns create energy and keep my
"still lifes" from being too still!

             Modern still lifes            Contemporary still lifes.

Archival prints
           Decorative still lifes

Archival prints
           Whimsical still life paintings

Archival prints
           Still life with television            Still life paintings            Pastel still life            Still life chair with watercolor           

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Archival prints
           Contemporary still-life drawings
Contemporary photography still lifes.          To see more
"found still
lifes" and
other urban
and rural object
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           ART  EXHIBITS


Still Life with Teacup

Oil paint on canvas
with upholstery tacks
38 x 32
$1500 framed

Radiator and Shoe

Acrylic wash and pencil
on paper
30 x 22

Horn of Plenty

Acrylic paint with
collage on paper
25 x 30

M&M's, etc.

Acrylic paint and collage
on paper
26 x 20

CBS Evening News

Acrylic paint and

photo on paper
22 x 30

After Ping Pong

Acrylic wash with
embossing on paper
22 x 30

Slippers and Plant

Dry pastel on
17 x 23
$350; $500 framed

The Chair #7

Line etching with
acrylic wash and pencil
14 x 11
$350 framed

The Chair #14

Aquatint etching with
watercolor wash
14 x 11
$300 framed

The Chair #15

Line etching with
acrylic wash
14 x 11
$250 matted

Jade Plant and Chair

Acrylic paint on paper
30 x 25

$500 + mount

By the Fireplace

Acrylic paint on canvas
38 x 32


Blue Bathrobe and Plant

Oil paint on canvas
44 x 36


Chairs and Afgan

Oil paint on canvas
44 x 36


The Red Couch

Oil paint on canvas
44 x 36


The South Window

Oil paint on matboard
32 x 40

$1300 framed

Agave in a Purple Bowl

Oil pastel on paper
25 x 30



Dry pastel on paper
18 x 24

$450 framed

Dieffenbachia in
Two Windows

Dry pastel on paper
24 x 18
$450 framed

The Large Philodendron

Tempera paint on paper,
40 x 37
$900 framed

The Large Dieffenbachia

Tempera paint
on matboard
32 x 40
$850 framed

Lizard Leaves

Acrylic paint on
paper, mounted
26 x 40

Old Doorknobs

Graphite on paper
30 x 22


Atlas Shrugged



prints start at $22