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               If you are a Bay Area resident and would like to be included on my regular (snail mail) mailing list, you may e-mail me your name and mailing address (please include phone number). If you do not feel comfortable putting that information online, you may e-mail me and I will call you for the information.

               If you have questions about my art, work process, or philosophy, I am happy to answer them, but please be sure your question is not answered in the FAQs, Artist's Statement, or Biography before you e-mail me your question.

              I provide lots of valuable framing information as a service, but I do not have time to answer framing questions unless they relate to work on my site that you are considering buying, or unless you are a San Francisco Bay Area resident who may wish to use my custom framing services.

              If you wish to use my web images, in general I don't object to others making non-commercial use of my images, but please check permitted use of web images for more information.

               About the website, I appreciate any feedback on problems because that is the best way of knowing that something isn't working properly.


Sharon Hudson


Updated 2018