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Decorative female nudes art. Surreal fine art photography. Colorful figure painting. Contemporary portrait drawing. Still-life oil painting.
This contemporary online fine art gallery includes sensuous figurative, still life, abstract, and portrait art in painting, pastel, drawing, mixed media, collage, and sculpture.

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Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, northern California

My artist links are to contemporary artists only and change as I find more artists. I have selected excellent contemporary artists of all kinds, presented in no particular order within categories. Although most reflect my own preference for bold work and rich colors, I include artists whose work is nothing like my own, and whose work may not reflect my own preferences in art. Nonetheless, they are excellent artists that I think my visitors might enjoy.

Please be aware that I have not seen the original works and have no experience buying anything from these sites, and the business aspect is not part of my selection criteria. My selection is based purely on the images I see onscreen.

You will find links to comprehensive Online Galleries and Ethnic Arts resources on my other links page, ONLINE GALLERIES.

Artists in Two-Dimensional Media
Fine Art Photographers
Textile Artists
Artists in Three-Dimensional Media
(sculpture, glass, and ceramics)

Artists in Two-Dimensional Media

(in no particular order)

Clemens Briels

Picasso meets Miro in brilliant color in the work of this intense, well-known Dutch artist. (2016)

Richard Winkler (www.richardwinkler.com/the-tropics.html)

Go to the tropics: you never know what you might meet there! Some unusual beings amongst the lush vegetation. Strangely erotic... (2016)

Marie Fox (www.mariefoxpaintingaday.blogspot.com)

Mostly energetic and colorful, robust female figures in oil and acrylic reminiscent of Diego Riviera, and some other subjects, including some luscious still lifes. (2016)

Mary Delave (www.marydelave.com)

A kind of figurative surrealism with the whimsy of Chagall and the bite of Picasso. Delightful and intriguing; lots of expressionistic and deformed figures and animals. (2016)

Martin Butler (http://drawing.com.au)

Figure drawing with extraordinary gusto; this artist's best works jump off the page with passionate abandon! His confident draftsmanship is enviable, and it is rare that the sheer pleasure that an artist takes in his subject translates to the audience with such immediacy. On the other hand, this artist is so good at what he does, and is so sure about it, that he must beware of parodying himself. (2016)

Justine Tatarsky (www.artontile.com/)

Whimsical and sensuous (mostly) figure work on glazed tiles. These are delightful and imaginitive works with excellent attention to detail, although the thumbnails don't really capture the richness and brilliant color of the original works (which I have seen). (2016)

Blu Smith (www.shared-visions.com/art/Blu/bluhome.htm)

Bold and colorful abstract (non-objective) painting from the Fauvist/abstract expressionist tradition. Very painterly but with prominent compositional structure. (2016)

Jed Dougherty (www.jedsart.net)

These lush paintings of colossal women remind one of Diego Riviera--only more so. Riviera meets Botero on the steps of an Aztec temple--or maybe the Parthenon. The paintings are mostly tiny, the women monumental. Not for the faint of heart. (2016)

Alexander Khomsky (http://khomskyart.net)

Gorgeous lush abstract landscapes and playful figures, colorful and decorative, by a well-known Russian artist. (2016)

Edward Gordon (http://keywestartgalleries.com/gordon/index.php)

Luminous and enchanting interior scenes hover mysteriously between photorealism and surrealism. Sensual and pristine interiors you'd want to live with--if only your home were so perfect! (2016)


Fine Art Photographers

Linde Waidhofer (www.westerneye.com)

Fine art photography of an abstract bent in rich color, including images from Mexico and from nature. (2016)

Sharon Hudson (http://sharon-hudson.artistwebsites.com)

Colorful, sensuous fine art photography, largely focused on pattern and design, includes images from the urban enviornment, Asia, Mexico, carousels, and many other themes, and unique surreal composite images. (2016)


Textile Artists

Marilyn Henrion

Rich, sensuous abstract quilts, mostly geometric. Beautiful work with excellent enlargements, but the site is difficult to use with a modem connection. (2016)

Lisa Call (www.lisacall.com)

A gallery of striking quilts featuring geometric irregularity and sophisticated color schemes of mostly earthy colors. (2016)

Artists in Three-Dimensional Media

Ricky Maldonado

Unique detailed, decorative ceramics patterned with fine dots and other patterns. Truly extraordinary fine art sculptural ceramics! Lucky enough to have found this artist before he was "discovered," my parents now own one of his plates. (2016)

Peggy Bjerkan (www.maskwoman.com)

Every mask by this prolific and imaginitive mask artist is a fabulous treat. (2016)

Corrine Okada (www.okadadesign.com/)

This unique, creative, and sensual abstract sculpture by an artist of Japanese Hawaiian descent draws on traditional Japanese forms like kimono, kites, and ikebana, and light materials like wire and rice paper. (2016)

Karen Hatzigeorgiou (karenswhimsy.com/altered-books/)

This artist creates sensual, beautiful, and quirky altered books and similar items on an intimate scale. She provides extensive information on the techniques she uses to create her books, and detailed pictures of the contents. The site is a little slow with modem connection, but the work is very interesting. (2016)

Robert J. Lang (www.langorigami.com/art/compositions/compositions.php)

Well, this is something you don't see every day! This well-known contemporary origami artist takes origami to a new level, with his insects, spiders, undersea creatures, and other amazingly detailed animals. (2016)

Bruce Gray (www.brucegray.com/htmlfolder/wallsculptures2.html)

I have always liked this popular sculptor's colorful painted wall sculptures--lively and freeform, playful. (2016)

Charles Birnbaum (do an image search)

Unique and extraordinary award-winning porcelain sculpture based on organic forms and textures. Delicate but powerful. (2016)


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