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Decorative cat art Mixed media female figure Fine art photography of women. Contemporary interiors paintings Dry pastels nonobjective art
This online art gallery of contemporary fine art includes sensuous figures, still lifes, abstracts, portraits, and more in painting, pastel, drawing, collage, and sculpture.

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Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, northern California

These contemporary fine art galleries and ethnic arts links are very selective. I present only online galleries and fine-art sites that I think are excellent resources. They must be superior in content and viewer-friendly. (However, please be aware that I have no experience buying anything from these sites, and the business aspect is not part of my selection criteria.)

In addition to selecting for quality, I have selected only types of art that I personally like. But my interests and taste in art are rather eclectic, so you will find a variety of art and galleries here. I add new links I find them, and suggestions are always welcome, as are notifications of broken links! Please contact me with your feedback.

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Contemporary Fine Art Galleries

Ethnic Arts: Galleries and Visual Artists

African Art
Asian Art
(except Japanese)
Australian Aboriginal Art
Japanese Art
Pacific Northwest Indian Art

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Contemporary Fine Art Galleries

dART: The Internet Art Database (http://dart.fine-art.com)

Excellent art of all kinds. An eclectic collection! Very organized gallery. The index search allows detailed searching by both subject and media. The gallery also has two- and three-dimensional arts and crafts, prints, and posters. (2016)

The Guild: The Artful Home (www.guild.com/)

This gallery is geared toward the home designer and has beautiful fine art craft media like textiles, basketry, glass, and ceramics, as well as paintings, prints, and fine art photography. (2016)


Ethnic Arts

African Art

Shona Gallery (http://www.shonagallery.com) (2016)

Beautiful Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe in many styles.



Asian Art
(except Japanese)

The John C. and Susan L. Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art: Online Exhibitions

Interesting collection of online exhibitions gathered from various museums, from calligraphy to jade to basketmaking. Browse by iconography, medium, location, etc. Something to explore at your leisure! (2016)

Mohan's Hindu Image Gallery (www.hindugallery.com)

Many images of Hindu dieties and personages. Interesting site. Unfortunately, the numerous enlargements open from diety names instead of from thumbnails, so visual navigation is difficult. (2016)


Australian Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art Galerie Bähr

A German gallery presents aboriginal paintings of the dot style. Click the little arrows to see the paintings one by one. (2016)


Japanese Art

Ukiyo-e Site of Hans Olof Johansson

A wonderful site including not only a gallery of traditional ukiyo-e prints by the masters and others, but also links to other sites on ukiyo-e, and question/answer board, and other resources. A great place to start. (2016)

Jim Breen's Ukiyo-E Gallery (www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/ukiyoe/ukiyoe.html)

Another fine site with a gallery of prints and links to other ukiyo-e websites. (2016)

Stuart Jackson Gallery (http://jacksonarts.com)

A beautiful commercial gallery of various styles of ukiyo-e prints. Woodblock prints were produced in large quantities over the centuries, and I noticed while in Japan that antique Japanese prints are still quite affordable. (2016)

Viewing Japanese Prints by John Fiorillo

This thorough, educational site gives a great overview of different types of Japanese prints and the famous artists, with a few contemporary artists and information on printmaking techniques, among other things. However, the site is not set up as a gallery, and is more oriented toward informational text than quick browsing of images. (2016)

Japan Print Gallery (www.japaneseprints.net)

A commercial gallery with a huge selection of traditional Japanese prints by all the famous artists. Outstanding thumbnails and enlargements. You must select the name of the artist before seeing the images. (2016)


Pacific Northwest Indian Art

Shotridge Gallery: one-person gallery of sculptor Israel Shotridge (

Navigate to the gallery to see finely crafted art of the Tlingit style in many media from wood to glass, including traditional forms of totem poles and reliefs. (2016)

Marvin Oliver:one-person gallery (http://www.marvinoliver.com/serigraphs/index.html)

Art in the classical Northwest Coast Indian style. Eloquent and original sculpture and elegant though more predictable prints. (2016)


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