Fine Art Photography
by Sharon Hudson

Photography is one of many media I use as a fine artist.  My fine art photographs emphasize colorful, abstract, and surreal images, from urban areas and the many places I have traveled, especially Korea, Japan, and Mexico.  I gravitate toward architectural details, colorful patterns, rich textures, and interesting shadows and reflections.  In my surreal photographs I combine in-camera multiple exposures, digital manipulations, and fine art imagery for luminous results.  I aim for arresting graphic design in sensual color, or intriguing interplays of dimension.

I am partnered with Fineartamerica to host my photography gallery and provide prints. You may buy archival prints of my fine art photographs from my gallery at, my website associated with Fineartamerica.  Printing is handled by Fineartamerica.

Click an image below to enter the photography gallery, where you can browse over 400 fine art photographs.  If you wish, you may examine the images in full-resolution previews, and buy high-quality, archival prints in sizes from 8" x 10" to 30" x 40" and larger (up to 72") on a variety of papers, as well as greeting cards. I have limited the available print sizes to those that can be produced with good resolution, so excellent image quality is guaranteed. (Fineartamerica shows "full resolution" close-ups, but this view is highly magnified, and in your print you will not see the grain, etc. visible there.)

Drawing from my selection of over 1000 photographs, I upload new images as time permits.  Click "Buy photo prints and products" above for more detailed buying information, including framing information. You may also buy use rights if you wish to publish an image.

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Fine Art Photography Exhibits

Carousel animals art.

44 photographs

carousel horses and other carousel animals from several carousels

Surreal fine art photography.

Mixed Emulsions
84 photographs

strange and surreal figurative and abstract photographs

Surreal fine art mannequin photographs.

58 photographs

unusual surreal and enigmatic photographs of mannequins

Surreal fine art photography.

Strange Spaces
26 photographs

unusual surreal photographs of imaginary architectural and organic forms and spaces

Colorful abstract fine art photography.

Urban Abstracts & Textures
98 photographs

colorful abstract art, graffiti, and scenes from the city

Colorful fine art photographs.

Rustic Abstracts & Textures
67 photographs

objects and scenes from rural America, ghost towns, and salvage yards

Mexico fine art photographs.

Mexico & Guatamala
28 photographs

colorful photographs of architecture and life south of the border

Colorful fine art photography.

East Asia
50 photographs

colorful art and architecture from Korea, Japan, and southeast Asia


As a fine artist, I am very concerned with the presentation of my work. Therefore I am delighted to have found the Fineartamerica printing service, so I can offer my customers photographic prints with confidence.  The buyer deals exclusively with Fineartamerica, rather than with me, when ordering prints.  However, I have personally ordered, inspected, and tested for color permanence a number of prints and cards from this company, and am very impressed by the quality of their printing and papers, and the hassle-free delivery and no-questions-asked return policy.  I believe that Fineartamerica treats both customers and artists fairly, and provides a great service by enabling the public to buy excellent fine art photography prints at reasonable prices.

Updated 2020
Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, northern California artist