Abstract Art

Abstract and non-representational art
allow me to explore color, design, texture,
and the sensuality of the media with total
freedom.  Some of these abstracts derive
from the figure; others are closely related
to my non-objective pattern abstracts;
others others simply explore color, texture,
and form.  Bold but balanced compositions,
usually with brilliant colors, define my
abstract art.

For more abstract art and photography,
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Pattern Abstracts exhibit or my
Large abstract painting.            African dance abstract collage.           Buy this in prints

Abstract pictures of flowers.

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          Abstract flower pictures.           Contemporary abstract painting.           Contemporary abstract art.         ; < Buy this in prints

Contemporary abstract art.

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Colorful abstract painting

& other products
           Small expressionist abstract art. x   
See the rest of the
"Selection" series
of ten enamel-
painted boards

               Small abstract collages. x   
See the rest of the
"Infill" series
of ten small
abstract collages

             Decorative abstract collages.     
See the rest of the
"Victoria" series
of 10 collages

            Abstract art collage. x          
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Archival prints
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           Contemporary abstract collages.            Small non-objective art.            Abstract expressionist paintings.            Colorful abstract oil paintings.            Colorful abstract oil paintings.            Abstract contemporary paintingss.            Large abstract tree paintings.                  Small abstract collages.
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           Abstract art colorful pastels.            Abstract pastel art.            Colorful abstract pastel paintings.            Abstract charcoal drawings.            Small organic abstracts            Contemporary charcoal abstract drawings.                                            
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           ART  EXHIBITS

Out of Africa

Tempera and acrylic
paint on paper
63 x 42

African Dance

Latex and acrylic paint with
photo collage on foamcore
40 x 32

Ikebana II

Acrylic paint and
collage on paper
19 x 24

Ikebana I

Acrylic paint and
collage on paper
19 x 24

Table Topple

Oil painting on canvas,
cut and mounted on foamcore
48 x 19

Feather Dance

Oil paint on canvas
with marbled paper
18 x 31

Tropical Storm

Mixed media on foamcore
41 x 38


Jazz Time

Oil paint on plastic
21 x 28

Selection 3

Oil enamel paint
on wooden board
9 x 12

Infill 3

Mixed media collage
on artboard
9 x 11-1/2

Victoria 7

Wallpaper collage
with gold ink

11 x 11
$350 matted, each

Ko Phi Phi

Mixed media on artboard
15 x 12


Fan Dance

Collage, gold leaf, and acrylic paint
on artboard
60 x 40

Mountain View

Fabric collage and gold leaf
on artboard
28 x 20

Wavy Weaving I

Collage, acrylic paint
and copper wire
13 x 15
$450 matted

Wavy Weaving II

Collage, acrylic paint,
and copper wire
14 x 14
$450 matted

Wavy Weaving III

Collage and acrylic paint
17 x 14

$500 matted

Seams Like Fun

Dress patterns with acrylic
paint on artboard
60 x 40

Urban Explosion

Plastic stencils
on artboard
30 x 40


Truck Stop

Plastic stencils on artboard
44 x 28



Multiple exposure

prints start at $22


Oil pastel on paper
36 x 23


Composition 1

Mixed media collage
on artboard
9 x 11-1/2


Oil painting on canvas
48 x 38


with Green and Red

Oil painting on canvas
44 x 36


Oil painting
on canvas
24 x 32

Mango Tree

Oil painting on canvas
38 x 42


Lemon Tree

Oil painting on canvas
38 x 48



Digital files

Abstract with Orange

Dry pastel
on newsprint
18 x 24
$300 + mount

Abstract in Space

Dry pastel on paper
19 x 15



Dry pastel on paper
19 x 24



Charcoal and chalk
drawing on newsprint
24 x 18

$250 + mount

Shark's Head

Oil pastel on paper

12 x 8


Abstract in Charcoal

Charcoal drawing
on paper
30 x 25
$900 framed


Oil pastel on paper
25 x 30



Oil pastel and spray
paint on matboard
32 x 40


Charcoal drawing
on paper
19 x 24